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If you feel that you need to learn or improve your Polish, you are at the right place. At Master Language you will study in a comfortable way with qualified teachers and professional assistance.

  • Flying teachers” make your learning process comfortable and time-effective.

  • Our tailor-made courses are designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • We offer a wide range of courses: Polish speaking, listening, grammar and business courses.

  • All levels are available. 

Affordable price

Our prices are competitive. Remember that individual learning is cost-effective. Although you pay more for one lesson (in comparison with group courses), you reach desirable results much faster.

Native speakers with adequate qualifications

Having a native speaker as your teacher gives you all the tools necessary to succeed. The majority of time is spent on improving speaking skills to gain fluency. But we do not neglect reading and writing skills. Our teachers will help you to reach higher levels and your goals faster than you expect.

Individual and highly effective

The benefits of individual study are countless and beyond discussion. Whether you are representing your company internationally, or looking for a new job, or just need another challenge, we will meet your personal needs.  Obviously individual objectives require individual solutions. We analyze your needs, test your language skills, define the objectives and determine the period in which they will be achieved. Our experience shows that this is the best and the most effective way of studying.

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